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Not The Band: Visual Novel Clannad Kickstarting

Highschool tales

You trust your friendly neighbourhood mob, don't you? When has a mob ever steered anyone wrong? Probably never. So I'm sure that it's perfectly fine for me to trust in the mob jumping up and down and giggling about Clannad, a Japanese visual novel I understand is of some repute, getting a crowdfunded official English translation and release. The Kickstarter launched yesterday, and the mob have already pledged over $125,000 towards its $140,000 goal.

Knowing nothing about it - I initially thought the mob's baying cries were about, you know, Clannad - I shall defer to this official description:

Clannad tells the story of Tomoya Okazaki, a third-year student who doesn't take life seriously and listlessly waits for something to break out of his monotonous life. A chance meeting with a female classmate, Nagisa Furukawa, and other fellow students begins to change both him and the people around him. With memorable characters and a sentimental story, Clannad will tug at the heart strings of readers and further draw them into the world of VisualArt's famous title.

The Kickstarter's masterminded by Sekai Project, the folks who've already brought over several other visual novels. They're looking for $140,000 to cover license fees, translation, and a cast of voice actors including some from Clannad's later anime series. Fans have translated Clannad before, but Sekai are starting fresh. And no, it won't have an English dub.

Pledging $40 (£25) would get you a Steam copy of Clannad when it's finished.

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