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Clint Mansell Must Be A Very Rich Man

Anything is better when soundtracked by the Requiem for a Dream music. Seriously - stick it on your MP3 player and go for a wander around town. Cross a road. Visit the cheese aisle in the supermarket. Tie your shoelaces. Nod solemnly at an old lady. All such things seem possessed of impossible drama and dark purpose when listening to Clint Mansell's ubiquitous score. Don't believe me? Then watch this trailer for Devil May Cry-but-with-more-boobs thingy Witches.

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Sure, the game itself appears almost entirely uninteresting. Remarkably, it even considers despicable quick-time events a selling point - wilfully demonstrating them in the trailer, rather than doing the sensible thing and not ever mentioning them in the desperate hope that no-one notices until the game's already on sale. It's a move so absolutely foolish that I almost respect it.

Listen to the music, though. Doesn't Witches seem dynamic, exciting? Frankly, I'm surprised every game doesn't use this music - certainly, every film trailer does these days. Don't yet know whether Mansell's score will feature on the actual game, but it is all over the official website. They're "sultry warriors", apparently.

Oh yeah - try Requiem for a Dream on Audiosurf. 'sgood.

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