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Codger Kart Racing: Coffin Dodgers Released

Not quite so zoom zoom

Lurking inside you is either a ghost or a skellington waiting to get out, we all know, but we'll never live to find out which. What we rarely acknowledge is that an old person also waits within, one we try to hold back with our piercings and skateboarding and alcopops but can only contain for so long. Look at a baby's face: we're codgers from the day we're born. May as well start practicing.

Coffin Dodgers [official site] is a combat kart racer with a bunch of our older friends zooming around a retirement village, and has now left Steam Early Access to properly launch.

Something something Grim Reaper challenges something something army of zombies, anyway the point is that you race around rural England on mobility scooters, crashing into and blowing up your pals. Kart racing! It's got a limited lineup of codgers, but you can customise your kart a fair bit.

As well as singleplayer, split-screen, and online multiplayer, it has some sort of open world mode.

If the art style looks familiar, that may be because developers Milky Tea Studios made those Lloyds TSB commercials with the long-nosed people. I don't hold it against them.

After four months of Early Access, Coffin Dodgers is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux from Steam and the Humble Store (who only give you a Steam key anyway) for £7.19 right now. Steam user reviews look all right. Here's the launch trailer:

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