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Come and greet our new staff writer Nic Reuben, someone you already know

Welcome a new old face

Our new staff writer Nic Rueben twirling his moustache, while Horace the endless bear appears behind him doing the same
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

It's Monday and I'm tired, so do I really have to write out hundreds of words telling you who Nic Reuben is? You already know Nic! He's been writing here as a freelancer loads. He threw a rock through the treehouse window and were preparing to sacrifice him to appease Horace's great coils, but the endless bear spake and instead commanded us to hire him, after a rigorous interview process. Say hello to Nic in his new and official capacity here on the site! My enthusiasm has woken me up again!

As a staff writer you'll see his name kicking around a bunch, from news to reviews and previews and what not, but you'll have seen it kicking around a bunch already, as I am at pains to point out. Nic has a flair for asking the odd questions and then finding someone to answer them, which is why he is responsible for probably my favourite post we had about Elden Ring. He wanted to know how cool game trailers are made, and lo, he found out. More recently, he interviewed the developers who don't mind if you pirate their game if you can't afford it, and the localisation team that translated Like A Dragon's antics so we all found them funny.

He's also done a bunch of reviews for us. Nic is a strategy lad, which means he's filling a knowledge gap on staff that has been yawning for the last few years, and you can see his enthusiasm for the genre with e.g. his recent review of his analysis of Dune: Spice Wars. He also never stopped pitching me about Total War and Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer, so look forwards to about a 1000% increase in orc content, I guess.

In any case, please greet Nic in the manner that is customary, and look forward to seeing him more around here.

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