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Commenting on RPS: 3 Simple Rules

Hello! A polite notice for you: while we're very proud of the community on RPS, which is most certainly smarter than the average bear, one of the reasons for it is that we strive to assassinate certain kinds of comment - though in recent months this clean-up job has become a taller order than in the past. Sometimes, people are baffled and/or outraged that this has happened. So, for the record: we do that, we always have done, we always will and you can't talk us out of it. However, if you follow these three simple rules your words shall most likely be safe. In addition, you won't come across like an awful or mad person.

1) Don't insult anyone, whether they're an RPS writer, reader or anyone else whether present or not. Clearly you're welcome to explain your dissatisfaction with something, but if you can't make your argument without resorting to insults, it simply isn't worth making. So the comment may well be deleted. Additional to this: any replies to objectionable comments may also be wiped.

2) Don't say meh/boring/yawn or any kind of words to that effect (this also includes 'old!' and related). If you don't care about the subject of a post, it's openly absurd that you've made the effort to comment on it instead of just moving on to a story you are interested in. Commenting without reading also falls into this category: it's trying to make the thread about you rather than its subject. So the comment may well be deleted.

3) Don't reply to spam messages, no matter how hilarious you think you're being. When something slips through the net, we usually clean it up pretty quickly, so any replies to it are left floating and leave you looking like a mad'un. So the comment may well be deleted.

Persistent or extreme violation of these may result in a ban without warning or appeal.

That's all! Thanks for your time, and for your many interesting and entertaining comments past and future.

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