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Completely Stretchy And Uncomfortably Sticky is about grappling and swinging around a cartoon world

With an arm as described

The thing in Completely Stretchy And Uncomfortably Sticky which meets that description is your arm, which you can fire out to grapple onto scenery. In other words, your arm is a grappling hook. You use it to navigate and mess around in a colourful, playful world, and the trailer looks great.

We stumbled across the game via this tweet and its embedded video, but here's that same footage with some useful narration by developer Dan Ferguson:

Cover image for YouTube videoCompletely Stretchy & Uncomfortably Sticky | ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab

There's an early demo of the game available to download on Itch.io now, which I've had a play with. You use your grapple arm to explore the Grombi Isles, a world filled with characters who have giant eyes and big noses and, sometimes, hands sticking out the tops of their heads. They all seem to happy to see you, with a few lines of dialogue about what they're up to.

I had fun poking around, finding nightclubs on the beach and characters in hard to reach spots, but it's a lightweight thing. Ferguson's plan is to grow it into something more substantial, though note that growing it doesn't mean adding challenge or a linear story. It's inspired by Sludge Life but with the intent that it require less skill and be more chill.

Though it currently has no release date, CS&US is now up on Steam.

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