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Compo: Splendid-o-shirts

Seeing as folk are ruminating upon the possibility of RPS t-shirts over in this thread, now seems an opportune moment to drop in another competition, and one that may expedite devising our own merchandise. We've got four gamer/geek t-shirts from marvellous torso-cladding specialists to give away to four lucky RPS readers, or possibly to one lucky RPS reader who can convincingly prove he has four entirely separate personalities.

Splitreason have an impressive repository of t-shirts that tick pretty much all of the discerning pop-culturite's robot/zombie/WoW/WCC/noob-baiting boxes. At the top of this post and beneath the cut are a few suggestions as to your chosen prize, but have a gander at the site to see the other stuff on offer, both PC-relevant and otherwise (they've also got hats and hoodies and similar adornments). While we may sidestep Mario gags here, we won't judge you for having such predilections, honest. Entry challenge follows below.

And so, a question. More of a project, almost - we want you to submit a design for an official RPS t-shirt. It could be a drawing, it could be a phrase, it could be a logo, it could be an impressionistic attempt at Kieron's beard made from mushroom soup splatters.

There's no guarantee we'll use the winners for our eventual shirts, if they ever happen, but it's certainly a possibility. Send your entry here, and please keep file attachments to less than 50kb (if we need to see a larger version, we'll get in touch). Closing date is two weeks hence - the 18th of April. And yes, so long as they aren't unacceptably offensive, we'll post the winners on the site.

Send your entry here, quickly now.

Vague rules:

- the idea is infinitely more important than the execution - i.e. you're not on a back foot for not being an artist or pro Photoshopper.
- Don't worry about sticking it onto a t-shirt image - just the design/logo on its own is fine.
- Also don't worry about contact details beyond email address for now - we'll be in touch with the winners.
- Follow the Roger Rabbit rule: naughty swears and blasphemy etc are only worth doing if the result is genuinely funny.
- One entry per person. And, while you can post your design in comments if you like, you have to email it to enter the compo.
- It's open to all nations, unless it's one that isn't allowed to receive post from America.
- Prizes = any four t-shirts. Hats'n'that are out.
- If a t-shirt's out of stock, you'll have to pick another one.
- The editors' decision is final, no matter how weird or reckless.

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