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Concrete Jungler: Merc Elite Is Not A Fantasy MOBA

I know, I know: when I first laid eyes on it, I thought it was too. The big guns, frequent explosions, and gruffly barked bits of military lingo, especially, all had me thrown. But nope, I have it on good authority that Merc Elite is in fact some kind of top-down army manshoot/MOBA amalgam. There are lanes and roles and towers (of a sort), but also guns, classes, free aim, and cover. I never thought I'd declare a modern military setting somewhat original in any genre, but well, there you go. Advance position past the break for a trailer. Oh, and maybe bring some earplugs.

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I'm willing to give it a try, though. I hope that, in the long run, MOBAs will move beyond simply assimilating other overdone videogame settings, but for now, this is progress of a sort. Here's not only how we will violence in Merc Elite, but why:

"Merc Elite is an online shooter set in the near-future that combines modern warfare with team combat in this unique MOBA military game experience. Merc Elite takes place in an era of guerrilla battles paid for by corporate mega-conglomerations and fought by contract soldiers. A unique direct-fire combat system based around the realistic use of cover will bring a new co-op game experience for even the most jaded MOBA players. Unlock advanced military weapons, new abilities, and powerful new mercenaries as you direct your warriors in this modern warfare online shooter game and make them into the world's best soldiers-for-hire."

At this point, there are only five classes: the tank-like Juggernaut, highly destructive Assault, fleet-footed Recon, rangy Heavy Gunner, and support-based Tactician. I'm guessing each will evolve into pretty specific roles as you customize them, but I'm not entirely clear on how Merc Elite will replicate the traditional MOBA sea of characters - if at all.

You can toss your name in the bullet-riddled beta hat right here if you're feeling curious.

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