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Not That Congo: Co-op Survival Shooter In Early Access

Top-down co-op survival shooter

Could it be that someone saw Congo twenty years ago and has carried a dream for a game like that ever since? It's surely a coincidence, it must be. Yes, Congo does have you deep in the jungle, fortifying a camp to fend off strange, grey lumbering beasts that look a bit like gorillas and shy away from lights, but no, it's not an adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel or movie. It's a top-down co-op survival shooter where up to four players, y'know, kinda recreate that camp scene from Congo. And it's out now on, of course, Steam Early Access.

There you are, deep in the jungle, beset by demons. Aye, that'll be a Friday all right. Handily they're afraid of the light and not keen on bulletholes either, but unhelpfully you're short on flares, generator fuel, torches, guns, bullets, shells, and other key supplies. So off you go a-scavenging, trying not to end up torn limb-from-limb. That's Congo. Look, see:

As is customary nowadays, it is launching into Early Access. It's only £6.99 right now, but be aware that you're in for a long haul if you do buy it. Developers The Innocent Devils expect it'll be in Early Access form for up to a year while they add more maps, weapons, equipment, and features, improve the AI, and polish everything up.

As ever, my advice with Early Access games is: only buy if you'd be happy with the game as it is, or if you're keen to support a developer. I'd like to see more folks release demos as they enter Early Access so would-be purchasers can see about that first point.

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