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His Story: FMV Murder Mystery Contradiction Released

Mystery mystery!

Contradiction [official site] is essentially a daytime murder mystery show made into an FMV-tastic game, only it's starring not a detective you know but some new chap whose quirk seems to be wearing a hat. Her Story it is not. My dream daytime murder mystery game would be a take on Persona, where me and my pals Jessica Fletcher and Mark Sloan uncover clues by day then at night transform into fighting avatars, but Contradiction has my interest until that arrives.

Our John is right now piecing together clues to deduce Wot He Thinks, but I saw it and got excited so I'm telling you before then.

Contradiction sees strange-goings on in a small English village, with suicides and whispers of Satanism and demons and mind control. Oh, what a classic murder mystery plot!

The game's split between Myst-y 3D exploration and live action video. As people tell their stories to your policeman, you'll need to spot contradictions in what they're saying to catch them lot. It looks clunky and hammy but quite charming. I do have a soft spot for this daytime murder mystery sort of thing. I wonder what John will tell us all once he's finished with it.

Contradiction is available from Steam for Windows and Mac for £6.99. It's the brainchild of Tim Follin, who was a video game composer before moving into TV.

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