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Control a horde of adorable magical creatures in The Wild At Heart, out today

They're like mystical Pokémon you can throw at things

It doesn't take much to sell me a game if I know it has a pretty setting full of cute mystical beasties, so I'm very excited to have a go at The Wild At Heart, which came out today. It's about two kids on an adventure in the depths of a magical forest. As they wander, they amass a small following of imp-like creatures who'll fight enemies, build paths and help the kids explore. It looks like Knights & Bikes meets Costume Quest meets Pikmin, which is a delightful combo if you ask me.

Developed by Moonlight Kids and published by Humble Games, The Wild At Heart is an action-adventure game with puzzles you can solve by throwing Spritelings at them. Judging from the trailer, these little beings have different powers or uses - the red ones, for example, look like they set things on fire.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Wild at Heart | Extended Gameplay

You'll need to use the Spritelings to collect materials for crafting, as well as battle other supernatural beasts. I'm endlessly amused that you just throw them at things to do this. Could we not ask them nicely? Or perhaps they like to be launched through the air by pesky children?

Jokes aside, the whole atmosphere of this game seems really lovely. The music is full of soft and pleasant plinky sounds, mixed with ambient forest noises and birdsong. Its 2D art style is gorgeous too, definitely the sort of thing I could lose myself in for a few hours.

The Wild At Heart is out now on Steam, GOG and Humble, priced at £20/$25/€25. It's also available on Xbox Series X/S.

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