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Convoy Is Truckin' Its FTL-Style Tactics Across Kickstarter

Do you need another hero?

The obvious comparison to make regarding Convoy happens right at the start of its Kickstarter pitch video: it's FTL crossed with Mad Max, taking the campaign map and random encounters of the former and combining it with the truckin', ramshackle, desert civilization of the latter.

My interest in it lies elsewhere: it reminds me of a science-fiction, open world version of Qvadriga, the chariot-racing game both Adam and Tim Stone couldn't hold their horses over earlier this year.

While Convoy might trade chariots for MCVs and lashing whips for hot lasers, it's got the same turn-based, vehicular combat and moving battlefield that makes the Roman racer such a thrill to play. There's talk in the Kickstarter video above of allowing for similar sorts of maneuvers also, like ramming your opponents in between weapon fire.

That's one of the reason they're looking for Kickstarter funds to continue the project. The page lists numerous wished for features, including roadside hazards during combat, greater interaction with the world map, the aforementioned ramming and melee abilities, plus generally more content across the board. They're currently almost halfway towards the €10,000 goal which would make these a reality, after independently working on the game for the past year.

If you think the world needs another hero, €12/$15 will net you a Steam key on release, while €30 will get you immediate alpha access as soon as the Kickstarter is finished.

You'd be amazed how often this job offers me opportunity to embed the below, so let's embrace that and do it again:

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