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Cookie Clicker announces Steam release and new tunes by C418

Yes, C418 of Minecraft music fame

The idle game about baking trillions of treats has cooked itself up a bit of a remaster. Developer Orteil has announced that Cookie Clicker is getting itself a Steam release planned for September, complete with all the little sugary bits of premium release goodness and some snazzy new music by C418 of Minecraft music fame. The new version will be ad-free, though Orteil says that the web version will still be the primary version, receiving updates first and the same development as the Steam launch.

You can get an overview of the improvements here in the new trailer, along with some of that chilled out C418 music.

Cover image for YouTube videoCookie Clicker Steam Official Trailer

After the announcement, Orteil has also put together an FAQ on Steam release features and how it will compare to the browser version of Cookie Clicker.

"The two versions are nearly identical save for some perks that the Steam platform allows for: in addition to being ad-free, Cookie Clicker on Steam gets achievements, cloud saving, workshop support," Orteil says. As for Mac and Linux support, "that’s still up in the air, it’s probably doable but we’d rather not overpromise!"

Cookie Clicker will also benefit from the Steam Workshop for mods, which Orteil says should be relatively easy to mess about with.

I never got terribly deep into the cookie mines myself, opting more for A Dark Room and such. There's a nice Alice and Pip chat from back in 2016 though which can give you a taste of the cookie grandmas and factories and so on if you're curious.

Cookie Clicker is aiming for a September 1st release on Steam for $4.99. If you just like playing the browser version, you can always still do that for free over here.

Ta, PCGamesN.

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