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Hey, These Procedural Trees Are Cool

These? Just some cool trees

Friday afternoon is as good a time as any to ask: fancy seeing some cool trees?

I've got some cool procedurally-generated trees to show you.

You want to see some realistic 3D trees with dynamic fruit and falling-to-pieces? I can show you those.

Fancy some eerie neon pixeltrees which mmmay be sentient? I've got those too.

Lots of good trees today, my friend.

Let's start with S. Krezel's Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator for Unreal Engine 4.

Watch on YouTube

You see that? Shockwave reaction. Tree chopping. Dynamic vines and fruits! Look at that cheeky shower of fruit. Look at those oranges which hang tough. This dynamic fruit is dedicated. Fruitaku would flip.

It's just tech, of course, not part of any game - yet? - but it's still quite pleasant to watch. I suppose you could buy it for fifty quid and just fiddle with trees yourself if you really wanted to. The similar SpeedTree is used in loads of games, of course, but can't we appreciate all trees and their fruits?

Oh, but isn't this tree from Rémy Devaux delightful?

That's made in PICO-8, Lexaloffle's imaginary console.

If you like that tree, you'll love Devaux's walk in FOREST.GIF. I shan't show any of that here. Go on. Be brave. You'll be fine.

Back already? It's great, isn't it? I like how the trees move almost... insectile? Skittering.

If you want to see how FOREST.GIF's trees were made, Devaux has uploaded the PICO-8 doodad used to make the forest, so you can generate glowtrees to your heart's content.

Other varieties of imaginary trees are available, of course, all fancy in their own way. These two passed before my eyes this week and I wanted to share them with you. Good trees. Are there are any trees you might fancy sharing with everyone today?

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