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Crab Champions is a crab shoot 'em up sequel to that dancing crab meme

Be a crab and shoot everything

2018 April 1st, the music producer Nosiestorm dropped the single Crab Rave, which became a meme sensation. Since the music video was made with the Unreal Engine 4, it's no surprise that the Nosiestorm ventured into game development, and threw the rave cabe into a shooting game. After three long years of development, Crab Champions was finally launched - on April 1st this year.

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I played for about an hour, and can confirm that Crab Champions is a fast-paced shooting game where players take on the role of a crab traveling across islands, defeating hordes of enemies, and collecting loot. Playing Crab Champions reminded me of Risk Of Rain 2 as I needed to control my view while I aligned my crosshairs with oncoming enemies and shot them down. This was slightly challenging for my motion sickness. Nevertheless, I enjoyedi, since the game's pace is super fast, and each level only requires two to three minutes. The shooting feedback is intense, the movement is smooth, and the crabs' drifting and gliding movement gives me a racing game vibe. Most importantly, becoming a gun-wielding crab is absurd but fun, which distracted me from my sickness symptoms.

However, the game still needs some polishing. The constant spawning of enemies can get repetitive, and the game lacks proper guidance at first. The initial trailer for Crab Champions teased other game modes such as survival, racing, and dual modes. Hopefully, the game will continue to evolve and offer even more variety in the future. Steam announcements have also teased updates that will introduce new biomes, weapons, difficulty levels, and choices in each run to keep the experience fresh - a nd of course, more new soundtracks, since the developer is better known by his music production.

Despite its imperfections, Crab Champions is still enjoyable and entertaining, and when I saw Steam reviews filled with crab memes, I realised that polishing is not the point. It's hard for humans to resist the temptation of becoming a crab, especially one that can effortlessly glide through levels while blasting enemies with a gun. As one Steam reviewer aptly put it, "I would give this game a 'crab out of ten'."

Enjoy your crab life with a 15% introductory discount on Steam till April 8th.

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