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Crashday: Redline Edition revamps 2006 smash-o-racer

Smashy bashy

Big news, gang: Crashday is back! (Psst! This text is written in special ink only visible to people who didn't play Crashday.) Developers Moonbyte Games have announced that Crashday: Redline Edition [official site], a revamp of the 2006 smash-o-stunt-a-shoot-y-racing game, will launch on August 10th. (I've never heard of Crashday but it does sound like a game that would've meant a lot to someone a decade ago.) The Redline Edition is prettied-up, fixed-up, and expanded. (Look, for a decade they've been met with blank faces when they talk about this game they played so much of - let's pretend, to give them a happy day.) Observe:

Cover image for YouTube video

Crashday sees heavily-armed supercars racing, battling, and smashing in singleplayer and online modes. This here Redline Edition will bring new cars and tracks, "fully remastered" graphics, bug fixes, tweaks, and Steam Workshop support for mods.

Our corporate kin at Eurogamer were bored by Crashday back in 2006 but you and I know that fightcar games can make people fall unexpectedly in love with them. (This is true - I played so very much Quarantine.)

Crashday: Redline Edition is hitting Steam on August 10th. Gang, let's share memories of playing it back in the day. (Shh! Let's quietly observe them and discover why this re-release is exciting to some. Going by YouTube comments on the trailer, a number of people definitely are stoked. Let's listen in.)

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