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Crasher: Get One Of 1000 Beta Keys

Want thee one of 1000 keys to get access to the Crasher beta? It's a motorised arena combat multiplayer from Punchers Impact, pitching teams of five against each other in vehicular mayhem. Then what you need to do is be quick, and nothing more. Below, after more details about the game, you'll find a form you can fill in. The first 1000 people to do so by 9PM GMT will secure themselves a Steam key, that will be magically emailed to you by a combination of wizardry and science, hopefully by tomorrow morning. You'll know if you were too late, because you won't get an email. And the crying.

So, you're asking, what is Crasher. Well, in their own words...

• Crasher is a new, fast-paced Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that renews the genre! Motorized team battles opposing two 5-player teams provide an unforgettable game experience!

• In Crasher, select a vehicle among 6 different classes and load it with a host of unlockable items. Find the balance that matches your skills and turn your favorite vehicle into a full-fledged war machine!

• Crasher is a truly dynamic game with an arcade-style driving approach. Teamplay is at the very heart of the game, so be strategic and work with your team if you want to succeed!

• Crasher offers two different game modes: Crasher Territory Control and Crasher Battle Arena, for twice the fun!

• Crasher is THE new e-sports and recently joined the Electronic Sports League (ESL), so if you want to show off your MOBA skills, you’d better join the Crasher community. And don’t forget that team play is the key to success in Crasher!

So if you wants you some of that, fill in your details in this form. Then stare at the white space at the end and imagine where you'll be in ten years:

Aaaaaaaand time's up.

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