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Crawl creators announce noir thriller The Drifter

You could be drifted

Small but mighty Melbourne-based devs Powerhoof have announced The Drifter, a point and click adventure game with a pulp noir tone. It's about a drifter trying to clear his name and track down the people who framed and (almost) murdered him. I'm kinda intrigued.

There's little to go on at this point, but Powerhoof say The Drifter will offer full voice acting and a story "drawing on King, Crichton and Carpenter, with a dash of 70s Ozploitation". It might be a tonal shift from the tongue-in-cheek comedic games they're known for, but that very bloody pixel art style looks like it ought to transfer well.

Powerhoof are best known for Crawl, the competitive local multiplayer dungeon slasher with the best game trailer ever, and Regular Human Basketball, one of the best multiplayer games on PC according to people who, unlike me, have played it. They have also previously made a handful of adventure games and won three awards at Game Jolt's Adventure Jam, so they ought to know what they're doing here.

As a former archive researcher I appreciate the realistic release date of "When it's done" on its Steam page. The game's website it's currently just a splash page, though I expect there'll be more details in future.

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