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Crazy Like A Box: Six Sided Sanctuary

Oh no. This won't do at all. It's late in the day, my brain's as overheated as a duck in a desert and I just watched a trailer for Six Sided Sanctuary. It's a puzzle game and even though I know I'll be absolutely terrible at it, I'm already trying to imagine just how dastardly the later stages will be. There's a cube, see, but this cube has ideas above its station. It wants to go places. And so it flips from side to side, travelling across blocky landscapes made up of different surface types. Attaching panels to the cube's sides changes the way it interacts with surfaces and that leads to PROGRESS. It looks lovely but it's going to involve thinking ahead and carefully calculating moves and...good grief, I'm hot and tired. Video below.

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I have to believe that the people complaining that this is a Minecraft rip-off are brilliant satirists who have somehow become trapped in comments sections, where their words will be judged at face value and cause all who read them to despair.

Six Sided Sanctuary would appreciate your Greenlight voting power but will also be available to purchase here when it releases on July 31st.

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