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Rubes: Crazy Machines Golden Gears Out Now

Rube Golderg machines ahoy

In the interests of speed and efficiency, I have created a device which allows me to write an entire RPS post with one single press of a button. Unfortunately this machine demands several hours of setup between posts, of winding up clockwork mice, priming boxing gloves on springs, charging lasers, and carefully setting explosives to trigger the series of events that are so effortlessly tapping these keys right now. Hopefully a little practice in Crazy Machines Golden Gears will help me improve this.

The latest in Viva's Rube Goldberg machine puzzler series has arrived on PC, coming over from pocket telephones to the natural home of weird complex machinery.

Crazy Machines has always been a bit of a cheap-and-cheerful take on the The Incredible Machine formula, but does consistently deliver new puzzling in a largely forgotten genre. Golden Gears has a level editor so you can whip up your own challenges and download other people's too. It's out now on Steam, with a launch discount bringing it down to £5.59. Mac and Linux versions are due to follow in April.

Of course, Crazy Machines now has a little competition in the form of Contraption Maker from the Incredible Machine veterans at Spotkin. You can poke at that on Steam Early Access for £6.99 if you fancy.

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