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Creep Is Death: Creeper World 2

2009 saw Kieron writing about something called Creeper World, a tower defense-RTS type indie game where the player was pitted against a huge, disgusting, doomsday blob known as Creeper that was still hungry despite eating three hundred billion humans in the game's intro sequence. In short, he enjoyed himself.

Today, Creeper World 2 has been released! Where do we go from here? Well, you can read my impressions and watch a video after the jump, download the demo here, buy the full game here for £6.35 or you could just look at pictures of a long-abandoned USSR nuclear shelter. You're free, you luck dog! The choice is yours.


In the hour of my life Creeper World 2 devoured effortlessly I got to grips with the sequel's principal new offering, that of destructible terrain. This works very well indeed- while for most of the time you'll still be engaged in the satisfying and exciting activity of trying to hold back an aggressive tide, now you've got the added puzzles and dangers of what will happen when the Creeper erodes its way through certain crumbling bits of wall, and whether you can turn the situation to your advantage by removing other walls yourself at just the right time, thereby splitting, halting, or compressing the advance when needed.

Wait, I'm forgetting the other big new feature- with Creeper World 2 a large part of the puzzle involves building friendly Creeper of your own, and pitting it against the enemy blob in a clash of the titans. Although without careful positioning so that gravity and the terrain compresses your Creeper into tight packs, you might find yourself getting overrun. It's all good stuff, and infinitely more intuitive than it sounds.

It's also the definition of a lovely PC indie game, seeing as it's ugly, smart, engaging, charming and cheap. I think I like this game quite a lot. Why don't you see if you do too? That demo's ready and waiting for you, guy.

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