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Crikey - Take A Look At Miasmata

Having successfully fought its way through the Greenlight lion pit, Miasmata is a first-person survival game, created by just two guys - brothers Joe and Bob Johnson (under the silly name of IonFx. Eyeonphnx?). And when they say created, they really mean it. This game in which you must survive on an island, pursued by only one strange creature, has been built from scratch. Take a look at the superb graphics in the trailer below, and then be somewhat amazed that they built the engine too.

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I think so much of whether this will work out depends on whether they can make that absolutely intriguing idea - just one enemy - be compelling. As amazing as seeing those lovely squirrels may be.

You'll be playing as Robert Hughes, infected with a plague and searching for a cure on an island rather unoriginally called Eden. The island was formerly inhabited, and remnants of their civilisation remain, and now features a scientific research outpost. But attempting to rejoin your colleagues, you'll not be too surprised to learn stuff's gone wrong.

So it's open, an island you can explore as you wish, all the while doing your best to avoid a creature that wants to kill you. Because you know what you're like. It's capable of stalking you for miles, they say, using what will hopefully be impressive AI and a multitude of senses to keep on your tail. But you're motivated to keep exploring by the desire to discover a plant that could cure you of your lurgy.

The idea pokes me directly in my want gland - careful, meticulous survival, but with a very specific threat, rather than everything everywhere trying to kill me all the time. But right now I don't have the faintest idea if it'll work. There's still three weeks to wait to find out, with the game due out on the 28th November.

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