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Be a burly lion pirate when RPG card battler Cross Blitz launches this year

Lions and cards and hexes, oh my

It sure feels like deck-based games are having a moment right now, and if that's something you're into maybe spare one of your moments to look at Cross Blitz. The developers of this RPG card-battle game say it's inspired by the likes of Dragon Quest and Slay The Spire, among other games. Oh and it's got concerningly burly lion pirates too, which might be another thing folks are into. The developers have just announced Cross Blitz with a new trailer and are planning an early access launch later in 2021.

Tako Boy Studios call Cross Blitz a "deckbuilder/RPG hybrid designed to challenge a wide array of players." You can spot the mashup down here in the announcement trailer. There are card-based battles paired with what looks to be a hex-based overworld.

Cover image for YouTube videoCross Blitz ⚔️ | Announcement Trailer

The card battles themselves look like an interesting setup. It's a bit tough to suss out from the trailer up there, but Take Boy have gone into some specifics in a recent development log.

You and your oponent are battling to reduce one another's health points to zero, they explain. You've got a two by four set of card slots on your side of the field to place minion cards, with three minion attack types that determine which row they can be placed in: melee, ranged, and arcane.

"When you end your turn, the minion cards you've placed will attack vertically in each of the columns they're positioned in," the developers explain. "If your opponents column is empty of their own minion cards, the damage inflicted by your minions will damage your opponents hero, reducing their health! Any enemy minions blocking the column will take the damage instead of the opponent's hero."

So placement of your minion cards is important, it sounds, though Tako Boy say there are also spell and trick cards in your deck to manage too.

Tako Boy say that Cross Blitz will include five different campaigns, various heroes, and 150 cards to collect. There's mention of a rogue-like game mode called the Hollow Hunt too. They've also got plans for cross-platform PvP matches between PC, Mac, and mobile players.

Cross Blitz is planning to launch in early access on Steam later in 2021, though it hasn't nailed down a date just yet.

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