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Cross Foes & Catapults: Reign Of Kings Launched

Heads will roll

With Steam down this morning, I'm not able to take a closer look at the freshly released Reign Of Kings [official site], but I can share the rather entertaining trailer with you. It involves catapults knocking down castle walls, angry men waving swords, and heads being chopped off. A fairly typical Thursday at RPS HQ.

Inspired, developers Codehatch say, by Chivalry and Rust, this multiplayer skirmish looks to have a rather pleasingly chunky feel of battle, with shouty men roaring their way through castle walls, after the block-built constructions have been knocked down by flung rocks.

Watch on YouTube

You know what it reminds me of? Crossbows & Catapults! Oh my, I loved that game. In fact, I was recently trying to find a copy, but it's no longer being manufactured! I continue to scour charity shops, rather than pay outrageous second hand fees. But it will be mind again. (Also, the police will soon be investigating what my parents did with my old box of it.)

But, er, back to Reign Of Kings. The launched version includes:

· A melee and ranged combat system (including de-limbing/decapitation and swordplay)
· Siege warfare (fully-functional trebuchets and ballistas)
· Unique player capture options (drag by rope or shackles)
· Extensive character customization
· Resource gathering
· Block-based building system
· Medieval-style justice on the gallows, stocks, and the guillotine (and death by stoning)

I'm not entirely convinced how much I wish to see death by stoning depicted, especially since there are people dying that way rather too often around the world at the moment, but that's me. But the rest sounds fun! No idea if it actually is, at this point. But the game's out now, and once Steam wakes up it'll be here.

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