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Curse Of The Dead Gods adds Dead Cells-themed dangers in crossover update

New weapons, curses and challenges

What's better than playing two dark and punishing indie roguelikes separately? Mixing them together and being punished by both at the same time! Last night, the temple-roaming hack and slash Curse Of The Dead Gods added a load of Dead Cells-themed stuff. It's an update rather appropriately named Curse Of The Dead Cells, and it brings over a handful of weapons, as well as a new Dead Cells-inspired room type and curse.

You'll now be able to find Dead Cells' Broadsword, Cursed Sword and Explosive Crossbow in Curse Of The Dead Gods, though they've been renamed to Broadsword Of The Knight, Sword Of Conjunctivius and Crossbow Of The Condemned, respectively.

I doubt any of them will be quite as satisfying as the giant electrified hammer, mind you.

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Vault rooms have also been added. They're a new challenge-style room you'll come across in the temple, inspired by Dead Cells' Cursed Chests. It's a simple idea: kill everything in the room without getting hit, and you'll get to peek at the cursed treasures inside.

Speaking of curses, there's a new one of those too. The Curse Of The Headless will give you a lovely flaming head, just like the Prisoner from Dead Cells. The upside is that it lets you move faster, however you'll also take more damage from enemies and traps.

Aside from the Dead Cells-themed content, Curse Of The Dead Gods has got a few general additions as well. Developers Passtech Games have added bombs as a new type of two-handed weapon, another new curse named Reflected Temple, and seven new relics to help you on your runs.

A few more changes and balance tweaks have also been added, and you can check them all out in the patch notes.

Curse Of The Dead Gods is on sale for 20% off on Steam and GOG right now, so until April 19th you can grab it for £15/€16/$16.

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