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Buy D On Steam And See What The 'D' Stands For

Go nuts for D

Psychological horror interactive movie and adventure game D is one of those games from that wacky time in the mid-'90s when developers tried to blend the then-new ability to use full-motion video on PC and consoles with traditional video gaming into something coherent. It was a heady and strange time in the gaming world, one in which it looked as though the mediums of cinema and gaming were slowly becoming one. Thankfully, though, that didn't happen, and the interactive movie fad died hard. But if you want to peek, hey, it was revived on GOG earlier this year and now it's on Steam too.

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From this time, we have some delectable artifacts that serve to remind us of that surrealistic phase of video game development. D is a quintessential example of the period and as it is written by the late Kenji Eno, whose unstable personality is a legend. So you can definitely rest assured it's filled with oddity.

Interestingly enough, in D you only have two hours to complete the game and solve the mystery behind Laura Harris' father's murdering spree. There's plenty of blood, violence, and cannibalism to sate all you wonderful sadists, and although dated and clunky by today's standards, it's still an interesting way to spend a few hours.

You can get D on Steam now for £3.59/4,49€/$4.49 which is 25% of the normal price. It's on GOG too.

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