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It's Swery Time: D4 Demo Released

QTE combat with a mannequin leg

Last time I posted about D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die [official site], I was a bit vague about what it is. It's an adventure game, right? But not like typical adventure games. And it has action segments. And it all has loads of QTEs that tire your character. And coming from the chap behind Deadly Premonition, it's obviously a bit weird. It's... look, you can see for yourself as a demo has arrived ahead of its release next week. Finally, respite from relying upon this dolt's foolish clacking!

The demo has two parts. One's a short QTE-driven fight on an airborne plane which includes dancing with a lady and an unexpected use for a mannequin leg. The other's a big longer, roughly ten minutes of pottering around time-travelling private dick David's flat. The adventure bits use ye loathsome 'click on arrows to rotate the view and markers to move' control scheme that should've died in the '90s, but scenes are so dense and you're expected to have a good poke it feels a little less hateful than usual. Yeah, I'm up for more of this.

It's a 2.4GB download available here. Though the game will be on Steam (and GOG and Humble), that's not an option for the demo.

Surprise surprise, the port looks pretty shoddy. 1366x768 is the highest resolution option offered for my 1920x1080 screen. The system requirements are more demanding than you might imagine, so do give the demo a crack if you're curious, even if you'd rather come to the game fresh.

The game is due to launch on June 5th. It'll cost $14.99 (about £10).

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