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Miskatonic Messenger: Daily Chthonicle - Editor Edition

Interface improvements incoming

Daily Chthonicle [official site] has one of the best elevator pitches I can think of: "you're the editor of a newspaper in a haunted town, sending reporters to cover procedurally generated horror stories". Perfect. I want to play that game. In fact, I have played that game and I liked it a lot. Sadly, the "obtuse" interface led me to believe the game's brilliance might be concealed from a lot of people so I'm delighted to see that a new version is coming to Steam Early Access, with the interface the main area the developer is working to improve. HURRAH.

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Here's the reasoning for the new edition:

"The free version of 'Daily Chthonicle' was already released as a complete game. Because during the development, we were mostly focused on the gameplay, the game's user interface ended up somewhat obscure in some places. But for the Editor's Edition, we are planning to redesign the user interface to make it more intuitive. Early Access will allow us, the developers, to communicate with the players and thus base our design decisions on their feedback."

There will also be additional discoveries to make, including new "quests, encounters, monsters and skirmishes". The interface is the main thing though, as well as the implementation of save/load functionality, which wasn't included in the original version. Playthroughs are only around an hour and there's no suggestion that they'll be extended, but it'll be good to have the option of saving and walking away.

You can read all of my thoughts about the original here, should you wish to know more. Keep in mind, this is a game that sometimes throws the ghost of a teacher at your reporters, encouraging them to figure out why/how it's haunting a specific place, and sometimes just says "a werewolf is happening and everybody is in bits". It's great.

Editor's Edition will arrive on Early Access on July 13th.

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