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Damn Fine: Deadly Premonition Coming To PC

I don't play many console games at the moment. My 360 has curled up in a corner, snoring like a pig in a hurricane, and the PS3 hobbled back from the retirement home to entertain me The Last of Us and its brilliant reinterpretation of the great Westward journey. State of Decay has a certain allure but I'll wait for the PC version. Over drinks at Rezzed though, I told almost anyone who would listen (and some who were trying not to) that there was one game above all others from the last generation that I'd like to see on PC. That game was Deadly Premonition and I continued to drown my sorrows as I stated, wisely, that it would never come to pass. A Director's Cut edition is now on Steam Greenlight.

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Strange, stodgy, clever, meta, funny, frightening and as divisive as the Berlin Wall, it's a game that I was told fell into the 'so bad it's good' pile, which is mostly full of actual rubbish that people have formed an inexplicable affection for. It doesn't belong there though. It belongs on a tiny pedestal.

Despite the Twin Peaks references, this isn't a Lynchian game. It combines traditional gaming character types and activities with a sense of surreality and unease. Indeed, many of the game's distinct qualities derive from its use of the medium rather than its allusions to film and television.

Just as Twin Peaks embraced and occasionally throttled the conventions of daytime television, Deadly Premonition has a similar relationship with aspects of game design, presenting the expected and gradually making it less so. Here is a list of new things for the director's cut, including some PC exclusive bonuses:

A surprising new scenario from the game's director, Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro
Enhanced HD graphics with new textures
Reworked control system allowing for an even better combat experience
Downloadable content to expand the mystery beyond the original game
New bonus DLC exclusive to the PC version!
Achievements and Steam Trading Cards (exclusive to the Steam version)

I think the exclusive PC DLC is going to be some stupid costumes. Oh well.

As excited as I am for the release, mainly because I get to play through the game again and write about it, I refuse to forgive the controls, which are about as comfortable as a slipper full of razorblades. This 'reworked control system' would probably have to involve the creation of an entirely new engine, input device and critical faculty for me to say anything particularly kind about it.

Anyway, go vote. Or don't. See if I care.

I care so very much.

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