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Bust Moves To Save The World In Dance Magic

Now on PC!

We've gone on a lot about dungeon-crawling, disco-dancing roguelikelike Crypt of the Necrodancer, so today I'm tickled to see a game which also offers rhythm-based combat but with far, far more emphasis on dancing. And tickled pink by this plot teaser:

"What if scientists invented a brand new form of biological energy able to convert dancing moves to real power? Then the fate of the whole human race would depend on the most skilled dancer's will. Do not let this energy be used for destruction!"

That's rhythm battler Dance Magic [official site], and it's now out.

Right, so there are you are, dancing for truth and justice and all that is good. It looks like it runs on real-time rounds, with DDR-style direction chains building into different types of attacks and abilities and combos. So you're trying to counter your opponent's moves while keep your move chain climbing to power up attacks and... it all looks quite charming. A bit like Bust a Groove, I suppose?

Look, I'm out of my depth here, but Dance Magic has a succubus who can dance vampirism, and that's all I need to know.

Dance Magic is £5.94 on Steam right now. The game first came out on PlayStation 3 in 2013 and I have no idea whether it's any good or not. But, you know, I couldn't resist posting about it. Because the world-saving dancing, you know. I mean, look at this:

Cover image for YouTube video

To ramble on a tangent, I've always quite disliked DDR-y dance mat rhythm games because they're so contrary to how I feel and understand dancing. I don't do any moves, I just clumsily go where the rhythm takes me. I suppose they're about dancing as a performance rather than dancing in a club with your pals after too much gin, but still, they're not at all like the dancing I know. Same goes for Singstar - karaoke is about heart, man.

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