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Dance Of Death: Du Lac & Fey will take players back in time on April 5th

Break out the Cockney rhyming slang dictionary

In upcoming adventure game Dance Of Death: Du Lac & Fey, it’s ol’ London times and Jack the Ripper is stalking the streets. Luckily, immortal Arthurian legends Lancelot Du Lac and Morgana Le Fey are here to save the day by teaming up with the locals, investigating gruesome crime scenes, and exploring the underbelly of the city. The trailer's got it all: a local pub with an ornery bartender, a scruffy background pianist, and a round-faced Cockney boy delivering dramatic news.

Also, Morgana is a dog?

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The developers say that it’s not all Victorian sensibilities, though, and that they want to “use the city’s history to shine a light on the harsher realities of our modern day life.” Those include misogyny, racism, homophobia, and discrimination against sex workers.

It’s a careful line to walk. Applying “period typical” bigotry can sometimes come off as cheap grittiness that does little for marginalised people but remind them yet again that people can be cruel. But it helps that the studio itself is apparently made up of “a multicultural, multifaith and gender diverse team of varying sexualities.”

The game’s also pulling voice actors from outside games, including Perdita Weeks (Penny Dreadful, Tudors) as Morgana, Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood, as well as Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition) as Lancelot, and Alexandra Roach (Black Mirror) as Mary Jane Kelly.

Dance Of Death: Du Lac & Fey is scheduled to release on the 5th of April, but it already has a Steam page and an official website available for perusal.

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