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Danganronpa and Zero Escape veterans have released a new murdergame game on PC

World's End Club arrives after Apple Arcade and Switch releases

If you enjoy games where people are trapped somewhere mysterious in a deadly game, here's a new one for you: World's End Club. Released on PC today following Apple Arcade and Switch versions, it's made by a team including two heavy-hitting murdergame veterans: the director of the Zero Escape series, and the writer of Danganronpa. It's about a group of schoolchildren who find themselves in an undersea theme park and are forced by a clown to- oh for, what is it with these cheery mascots who have one jacked-up eye and a propensity for violence?

Cover image for YouTube videoWorld’s End Club – Nintendo Direct 2.17.21 – Nintendo Switch

World's End Club is about the Go-Getters Club, a group of weird kids from across Japan whose summer trip somehow ends up in an abandoned undersea theme park, where a clown forces them into a "Fate Game". And from this mundane starting point, it gets weird. Sounds grim? In Japan, it was even more intense, released under the name Death March Club.

It looks to unfold with simple side-scrolling platforming, mild action, gentle puzzling, and a lot of chat and cutscenes as the gang make a long journey. Reviews have been pretty middling for the other versions, but the plot seems to have pleased some folks who like other games from the big names working on this.

It's made by Too Kyo Games, a studio founded by former Spike Chunsoft employees. They've got some big names, including Danganronpa writer Kazutaka Kodaka (who's the creative director of World's End Club) and Zero Escape director Kotaro Uchikoshi (who's the writer and director here). A lot of murdergame experience.

World's End Club debuted on Apple Arcade in September 2020, followed by a Switch release in May 2021. Now it's available for Windows on Steam. A 30% launch discount brings the game down to £16.65/€17.49/$20.99 until next Tuesday, the 7th of December. See the game's website for more on it.

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