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Danger Zone 2 smashes out next week

Motorway to the danger zone!

The former Criterion folks at Three Fields Entertainment are renewing their commitment to smashes, crashes, bashes, and explosions next week in Danger Zone 2. It's a sequel to their 2017 arcade smash 'em up, which did involve driving cars but was most certainly not about racing. Riffing heavily on Crash mode from Criterion's Burnout 3: Takedown, it has us smash through traffic and power-ups to score megapoints - pinball where we're the ball. While the first game caused spectacular crashes inside bland concrete boxes, the sequel is stretching its legs and getting some fresh air everywhere from LAX airport to English motorways complete with caravans.

Here's one level and a number of explosions:

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Our John was very much a fan of Burnout 3's Crash mode but, he tells me today, did not like the first Danger Zone and its bland boxes. Escaping the concrete crypt is a good start, at least.

Danger Zone 2 is due out on Windows via Steam on Friday the 13th of July (ooOoOoOoOo!). It will cost €18/$20.

For readers whose exposure to caravans comes mostly from Top Gear and absolute bloody legends smashing them (and smashing it) in performances of top banter, may I introduce you to Jonathan Meades's astonishing Full Metal Carapace:

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Indeed, you're never alone with a flask on a stick.

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