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Dark Souls mod mixes in Counter-Strike's Gun Game

Shake it up

A new mod for Dark Souls mixes the brutal action-RPG with Counter-Strike's mod Gun Game (or CS:GO's Arms Race mode, if you'd rather). Much as Gun Game rewards Counter-Strikers with new weapons for killing other players, the DaS_GG mod gives the Chosen Undead levels and fancier weapons for whacking folks. Oh, but it takes them away as you get hit. Even if you know Lordran upside-down and inside-out, this should certainly make Dark Souls surprising.

Creator 'bqm11' explains in the mod's Reddit thread that they were inspired by to create something after watching superstar Souls streamer LobosJr playing with a mod which randomises item locations. Here's how bqm11says says DaS_GG works:

"This mod changes the leveling mechanic in Dark Souls to a more arcade like game mode where you gain levels from getting successful hits on enemies and lose them from being hit or losing a lot of health from a fall. The higher your level, represented by your humanity in-game, the better random weapons and random armor you'll get as well as increased stats, health, and stamina."

Like Gun Game, that rewards players who know how to use every type of weapon. I don't know what I'd do if I ended up with a whip. Well, other than get hit and hope for something better on the next roll.

If you fancy a crack yourself, download the mod from here and follow the instructions in the thread. I haven't had a go yet myself but no one seems to have complained that it made their computer combust.

Neatly, LobosJr plans to stream the mod today. That's nice for bqm11.

Thanks to cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer for pointing this out.

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