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Darkborn is a neat-looking first-person masher played as a monster


Tearing people to piece as a monster is a right lark, The Darkness demonstrated, and I'm reminded of that monstrous power in a new Darkborn gameplay video. Formerly known by the working title Project Wight, it's about a wee bipedal beastie who'll grow into a honking great monster as he tears through the viking gits who killed his family. The circle of life truly is beautiful. Observe below.

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I will pay an extra £10 for a David Attenborough narrator add-on. £15 for a Chris Packham. £20 if Chris Packham slams a load of Smiths jokes.

The Ian Games Network have a preview explaining more with words but you can basically see it all in the video: we play a cute little diddums who starts off as a sneaky little biter crawling and gliding around, then is soon a big'un battering norsemen and biting off their heads and whipping them with hawthorn.

If only you could talk to these creatures, they would surely say "Please stop killing us, or I will kill you harder."

Darkborn is being made by The Outsiders, a Swedish studio founded by former Dice and Overkill folks including David Goldfarb, once the lead designer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and director of Payday 2. It is, or was last I heard, being published by Take-Two's 'indie' label, Private Division. In the absence of any sort of release plans, hey, see the Outsiders site to follow them on the socials.

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