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Cilla turned killer: Date or Die demo released

Surprise surprise!

Upcoming visual novel [Date or Die] combines two horrific things: the elaborate murdergames of Danganronpa and that crazy little thing called 'love'. Six people find themselves imprisoned on a deadly reality show, see, where they either find and embrace love or they die. Blind Date meets Saw. The game's launch is still a way out but, if you fancy seeing what it's about, its makers have released the demo they showed at PAX East last weekend.

So! Six folks awaken imprisoned in a mysterious TV studio with their names and other key memories wiped, and deadly poison rings on their fingers. They discover that they're on a reality dating show hosted by a smug creep and his android bodyguard, offering freedom (and possibly love!) to whoever completes all the challenges. The developers say:

"Date or Die is a visual novel about relationships, love, and the way they’re portrayed in media. In terms of inspiration, think Flavor of Love and The Bachelor meets Danganronpa! It features a diverse and engaging cast of characters, a sharply written branching story, and will hopefully make you cry!"

The PAX East demo is the game's prologue, introducing players to the murdertrap they're stuck in, running through a preliminary matchmaking quiz like a deadly OK Cupid, and briefly meeting the other characters. You can nab it from Itch for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This replaces a demo released in April 2016, toting a different script and new artwork.

I've sworn off love and all that mushy stuff myself because I'm an endless trainwreck that'd be best confined to a skerry in the Firth of Forth. That said, yeah, sure, after the prologue I'd play more. The cast are interesting, I'm up for the writing, and it looks less kooky than Danganronpa - or maybe more familiar.

Date or Die is being made by Arden Ripley (who you might know for Kindness Coins), Julian Cormac, and Jacquelyn Marina. No word yet on when the full game will launch.

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