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DC Miniverse: Scribblenauts Unmasked Is Really Real

Or at least, as real as tiny god people from the bottomless depths of mute rooster boy's imagination can be. But yes, the oft-rumored DC edition of 5th Cell's boundless bowl of alphabet soup - titled Scribblenauts Unmasked - is now official, and it looks to be quite the thing. Adam expressed concern that attaching an official license to Scribblenauts might leave players with a world they can't truly own, but this one has far more up its sleeve than DC's tried-and-true roster of people who don't understand how underwear work. On top of boasting every hero ever (incredibly obscure ones included, of course), you can make your own from a veritable toy factory of bits and pieces. Leap the break in a single bound for the debut trailer.

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SO MANY BATMEN. And soon, you will be able to create fat Batman (Fatman), angry and/or 1960's Batman (Madman), and baseball Batman (um, still Batman). Oh, the possibilities.

According to Kotaku, 5th Cell cracked open the DC Comics Encyclopedia and siphoned out over 2,000 characters - including every single Green Lantern (even a puppy!) and someone called Microwave Mom. There will also be plenty of locations to match, running the gamut from Gotham City and Metropolis to Atlantis and other planets.

Throughout all of that, the game will generate side-missions known as "heroic feats" based on various context-sensitive factors. These come on top of story objectives, so I don't imagine you'll be at a lack for things to do.

It may sound like a glorified expansion pack (and, quite frankly, it probably will be), but I'm still pretty excited. Scribblenauts is always a playground of dumb "what if" shenanigans, and my imagination's already quite tickled by the sheer potential of a superheroic slant. I'm sure I'll put it down after a chuckle-filled ten or so hours, but oh what a joyous ten hours they'll be.

Scribblenauts Unmasked will be out this fall.

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