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How not to be a villain, with LEGO DC Super-Villains

Story and character-creator detailed

LEGO DC Super-Villains, TT Games' latest plundering of the Danish toy-chest, seems pretty determined to be That Suicide Squad Trailer Everyone Liked: The Game. Which is to say, bug-eyed mischief-making, faux-fanzine stylings and wall-to-wall Harley Quinn, whether you like it or not. Only, y'know, for kids. The game's been singing for its supper at the just-begun San Diego Comic Con, showing off the villains vs even worse villains story, a whole bunch of quippy cutscenes and, most excitingly to my five-year-old as she watched over my shoulder, a new tool with which to create your very own lead super-character.

Clearly, the Lego superhero games skew family friendly, so don't expect any face-slicing, spine-snapping or s&m eroticism from this particular take on Derek Comics' rogue's gallery. In fact, don't expect much out-and-out villainy at all. The plot effectively heroises Harley, Joker, Luthor, Reverse-Flash and their assorted anti-chums by having them take on an Actually Evil alt-reality version of the Justice League, as opposed to tussling with heroes. (Though call me an Infinite Crisis if the Bat-like Man & co don't show up for a setpiece argy-bargy at some point).

Here's the story trailer. Hope you like mania!

Cover image for YouTube video

I imagine getting to explore the other side of the bat-coin is something of a relief for the folks who've worked on 40,000 Lego games, though it remains to be seen whether not villainy extends to much more than wisecracks and whoopie cushions. Still, my kid was enraptured by the trailer, so it's clearly doing a lot right. The character creator looks like a particularly good time - in retrospect, it's sort of remarkable that this is the first time this series is going all-out on DIY, given Lego's origins. I particularly like the dude with the car around his waist: The Amazing Car-For-A-Waist-Man.

LEGO DC Supper-Villains is due for release on PC and assorted consoles on October 16. You can pre-order - the ultimate act of villainy - via Steam here.

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