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Dead Space Remake's first gameplay trailer is as creepy as you remember

Isaac speaks!

Is it possible to play a PC game from a safe place behind your sofa? If so, then the new trailer for Motive’s Dead Space might have just made me consider shifting my seating position when the sci-fi horror remake arrives in January. You can decide for yourself after watching the trailer below. Go on, join Team Sofa.

Motive's Dead Space brings a more talkative Isaac Clarke back to the USG Ishimura.Watch on YouTube

The most immediate change from the 2008 original is that Isaac Clarke, space engineer extraordinaire, isn’t a silent protagonist anymore. He’s still a big brown lump of metal with a soft, squishy human being inside though, albeit with a substantially improved number of polygons sewn in. Speaking of squishy things, the overhauled Necromorphs look and sound bloody terrifying now. I was always a bit freaked out by their body horror weirdness before, but good grief. Were they always this gross?

Motive are starting to get a bit chattier about their take on Dead Space as the game inches closer to launch. Last week, they shared details of how they were reworking its interstellar setting aboard the USG Ishimura, which has done away with loading screens. Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme said Isaac’s journey through the Ishimura is now “one sequential shot” from the start of the game to its end – unless you cop it.

Dead Space was first revealed to be returning to life at EA Play 2021. Unlike the previous game in the series, Dead Space 3, it won’t have any microtransactions. Phew. The project is being headed up by Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s director Eric Baptizat.

The Dead Space remake starts stalking through corridors on January 27th, 2023. It’ll be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It’s also coming to current-gen consoles.

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