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Deathloop's extremely good Bond-like song Déjà Vu is on Spotify now

So this is what I'll have on repeat until May

I'm not often one for a game songs streaming post but I have really, really been feeling the song from Deathloop's latest trailer. So I'm out here making an exception on a Friday evening. Arkane's next FPS is a murder sandbox about a time loop with a colorful 1970s aesthetic. That vibe extends to the fantastic theme song Déjà Vu that debuted during a trailer last week. If you've been playing it off YouTube since then like I have, you can stop because it's on Spotify now.

I totally agree with Graham on being fully on board for Deathloop after seeing its latest trailer that shows off the mix of stealth and action. It really stole the show of the PlayStation showcase it was a part of. What made it extra memorable was the undeniably catchy theme song Déjà Vu by Sencit Music and FJØRA.

Here's that trailer again, if you missed it.

Watch on YouTube

I've been playing it on repeat for the past week. It's been on while I work. I managed to get it playing on my car speakers on the way to the grocery store. I did a bit of very bad and mildly intoxicated dancing with my headphones in at approximately two hours past now last Friday night. I admit that I'm particularly prone to putting things I like on repeat, but you cannot tell me this James Bond-like musical journey isn't extremely fun. The cheeky horns! The sexy violins! What a good time.

Thank goodness it's on Spotify now where I can hit the repeat track button instead of restarting a trailer every three minutes. I guess I know what I'll be listening to for the next two and a half months. If you're not one for endless repeats, the developers also shared a three hour playlist inspired by the game.

Last week we also found out that Deathloop will be inheriting quite a few of Dishonored's powers. No surprise that it's one of RPS's most anticipated action games for this year.

Deathloop launches May 21st on Steam. It will also be on the PS5.

Ta for noticing, PC Gamer. Made my weekend.

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