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Deck builder The Amazing American Circus launches in September

Wow the crowd with your deck of tricks

Come one, come all to another deckbuilder game! This one's about a traveling circus though, which certainly sets it apart from the rest of the latest strategy troupe. The Amazing American Circus is what its developers call a "unique blend of RPG, tycoon, and a card game," about managing a circus in late 1800's America while regaling your audiences through strategic card game performances. The curtain rises on this act in September for you to take to the road with your own group of carefully curated clowns.

"Deliver a perfect show in a special card duel between you and the audience," say Klabater and Juggler Games. "Their boredom is your enemy, and your performances and tricks are the best weapons. Choose your cards wisely and try to figure out the mood of the crowd. What’s attractive in the deep South won’t necessarily work in the industrialized North!"

Cover image for YouTube video🎪🎪 The Amazing American Circus with new RELEASE DATE! 🎪🎪 == what you can expect in Gameplay ==

You'll recruit 15 different types of performer to impress the 32 different audience types while upgrading your caravan. As you explore the country, different story scenarios will have you choosing how to juggle your performers' needs against caravan resources. Each city has its own spread of audience types and effects to deal with during performances as well. Ah look, my city has made the cut on the map, even. How about that.

Your rookie startup circus will eventually have to compete with legends of olde like P.T. Barnum and other historic figures. Your collection of performers will need to delight all manner of guests from saloon-goers to, apparently, werewolves. You know how the weres do enjoy a good fire breathing act.

If that sounds like your type of act, The Amazing American Circus launches on September 16th over on Steam.

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