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Grappling Jellyfish: Deep Under The Sky Trailer

A colourful as the '90s pop band Jellyfish

Colin Northway made Incredipede, a game about building a walking-and-climbing creature from muscle and bone. Rich Edwards made Pineapple Smash Crew, a bright, explosive squad shooter. When their forces combine, it turns out they form Deep Under The Sky: a single-button game in which you play a jellyfish who swings around in the clouds of Venus. It's out now for $10 direct from the developers.

Can't afford it? Developers Colin Northway and Rich Edwards have a solution for you, if you like the style of the trailer below.

Deep Under The Sky details the strange and exotic life cycle of the Venusian Jellyfish, a symbiotic creature which lives amongst the majestic Sky Whales, high in the clouds of Venus. Scatter your children among the Sky Whales and then help them flourish by nurturing them and fighting off the parasites that threaten to make a meal of them.

Like the look of it but unable, for whatever reason, to pay for? Its developers are sympathetic, and have made Deep Under The Sky 'Art to Play'.

Sarah and I have seen a lot of the world and we know that there are a lot of reasons you might not be able to trade us money for Deep Under the Sky. We've felt the pain of unfair banking systems, poor online payment support, international distrust, age descrimination, and just flat being hard-up for cash. So Rich Edwards and I are going to make Deep Under the Sky "Art To Play" that is, we'll trade you the game for some fan-art.

If you make a picture or a painting or a story about the game that took you at least half an hour to make and send it to us then we'll email you back with the PC, Mac, and Android version of Deep Under the Sky! (sorry, we can't do iOS for technical reasons).

Which sounds like a lovely idea. Got no money but a plentiful supply of crayons? There's more detail, screenshots and GIFs through at the game's site.

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