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Explore a glitchworld in Deios II: Deidia, now out


A few months back, I was pleased and puzzled wandering the glitchy caverns of Deios II: Deidia [Itch page] in a demo. It's a beautiful explore-o-puzzle-platformer with dramatic landscapes, pleasant noises, and, ah, something about being inside a computer and manipulating glitches that I didn't quite grasp because I'm a dolt. If you're less foolish than ol' Alice here and enjoy strange compuworlds - especially if you dug the first Deios - you might be interested to know the full game is now out.

Ha ha I didn't find any of that stuff about goals or DeityCoins or any of it in the alpha demo. Good job, me. I'm keen to get back in and discover what's what but for now I'll turn you over to creator barchBOI for a more useful description:

"Deidia is an Exploration Platformer game where you explore a lonely world that is very unstable, with glitches, forgotten ruins, and unknown lands abandoned in lonely BBS systems. Find the worlds behind a thousand doors, lost mysteries, hidden ruins, and loot your discoveries for gain and profit."

You can download Deidia from Itch for $9.99. A physical release with an art booklet and the soundtrack is on Bandcamp for $20. It has passed Greenlight so it will be on Steam at some point too.

The first Deios might follow. barchBOI has said on Greenlight that he might remake it first, as he's not too happy with it now:

"I wasnt happy on how Deios 1 turned out, Deios 1 wasn't meant to get as popular as it did, so I carry alot of guilt over how glitchy it is and how alienating it is for a game that got that amount of attention. I made it in my teens so that's to be expected but I feel like I've got a debt (a remake) to pay off before I can release it out again."

I'd be up for a fancier version of Deios

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