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Delightful Doom mod Run For It! gives everything legs

You big sillies

I adore mods which give new life to mundane objects. Every crate in the crate-filled warehouse of CrateDM is potentially a player waiting to frag you. Prop Hunt modes put us in the mindset of level designers placing rocks and buckets. In Run For It!, a new mod for old Doom, objects which didn't have legs do now have legs. Ammo packs, lamps, trees, barrels, weapons, corpses and goodness knows what else have sprouted arms and legs to run around. Yup, it's as daft as it sounds. Watch this trailer, which comes complete with Doomy Yakety Sax:

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Run For It! is the work of Cherepoc, who beautifully explains "it adds legs and ability to run to a lot of objects that never asked for this." (Yes, that has absolutely gone in my collection of readme files.)

It's delightfully silly. Objects spring to life when you come close, popping into the air with a puff of smoke as they begin to run around. You can shoot them to make them stop or run after them yourself in a big merry game of chase. Even fireballs flung by imps grow legs, scampering towards you, and your rockets will chase after enemies. I also quite enjoyed being startled by secret doors suddenly opening as hidden pickups legged it past me. I adore the leaping Lost Souls too.

You can download Run For It! over here. You'll need an updated engine like ZDoom, GZDoom, or Zandronum to play.

I'm reminded of the Quake 2 mod Posessed Pickups, whose readme tells this tale:

"Imagine you are playing against your ruthless girlfreind that has a bad habit of sitting on that rocket launcher spawn area as if it were Fort Knox. You slip her this patch, and fire up a deathmatch game. There she goes, running off to get her rocket launcher… but… it isn’t there… (?) She turns around just in time to see it hobble toward a window and bounce through into the courtyard outside. It takes her a full 5 minutes to catch up to it as it wanders away from her, during which time you have sighted your trusty railgun on her back."

I really like mundane objects being silly.

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