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Demo: The Wonderful Towers Of Mr Imp

There's a point at which looking back on my life can just be humiliating. I was SO rubbish at the classic platformers on the Spectrum. I don't think I ever got past the third screen of either Manic Miner or Chuckie Egg 2. Honestly, I'm a shame to this entire industry. Orm & Cheep was about my level. So the rather snazzy The Wonderful Towers Of Mr Imp both impresses me and reminds me what a cack-handed buffoon I am. It's an 8-bit puzzle platformer from Chinese indie dev 8bitattitude, with a sizeable demo.

It's tough. Well, actually, it's easy and tough. Levels are played through twice, first with some relatively simple platform bouncing, and then again with rearranged platforms and all manner of dangers. The idea is to complete as many rooms as you can in a tower, with the five lives you're given. I can complete one rooms. (Well, that's not quite true - I just can't complete them in a row. Because I'm a cack-handed buffoon.)

It's absolutely definitely worth downloading the demo. And the full game is only $5.

Unfortunately the video for the game is currently not working, so in its place I'm putting a guide for how to complete Pac-Man on the Atari 5200. No, it's my pleasure.

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