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Demondrian: Piet-Based Puzzle Prototype

Prototype puzzle game Demondrian [TIG post] caught my eye this afternoon. As you might have noticed, it takes its visual inspiration from the work of Piet Mondrian, but rather than becoming lost in heavy-handed art references it's actually a neat-looking puzzle game about shifting shapes and matching colour tiles.

From reading the developer's post on the TIGSource forums, it was an idea which emerged during the wait period before publishing a different game. I think the latter must be the Steam re-release of Flip (which ALSO looks good and Adam liked in its original form). That would make the dev Sebastian Uribe of Perro Electrico.

Here's what they had to say about how Demondrian works:

'Demondrian' (working title) is a match-1 logic abstract puzzle game where levels are solved by aggregating smaller pieces into bigger ones, until only one is left.

Having watched the demo video what that actually means is you pick a square from the grid which doesn't share a border with a square of the same colour then click to get rid of it and the next colour block from a row outside the puzzle will drop into play at the top of the column.

If I had to do that exercise where you say "It's like THING meets OTHER THING" I guess I would say that it is like the block-dropping aspect of Tetris meets the four colour map theorem.

I think the thing I'm most interested in is fail states and whether those would mean you took a lot of time over each puzzle trying to solve it or whether you ended up in a more Bejeweled kind of mindset, skipping from game to game. It would depend on whether it was set up so each game had at least one viable solution.

I don't think I'm making this sound exciting anymore. Watch the demo[ndrian].

Watch on YouTube

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