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Demonstration Module: I Must Run

Oh my goodness, I'm so ill. This is the longest I've managed to sit upright for two days. Something is definitely wrong with with human body when it cannot sit up without then needing an hour's sleep. But such is my dedication to the wonder of RPS that I feel compelled to at least write something before the week is over. So what more appropriate game name than I Must Run - an activity that if I were to try my legs would shatter like frail china, collapsing me to the ground in a thousand pieces. Although as you start the demo it adds the apposite tagline, "And never come back."

It's an outrageous Canabalt "tribute", but it does add a few new ideas. Probably most significantly, it has an ending. The idea is that you, an escaped prisoner, must save your wife. Rather than jumping all obstacles you can punch them out of the way. You can slide your guy along the ground for whatever reason that may help. And most importantly, you can double-jump.

Although the game's own FAQ recommends that you don't. Boo.

And talking of that FAQ, it contains this rather splendid entry:

Q: Why IMR is so difficult? I hate this game. I hate you.
A: There are enough easier games out. Don't blame us for lack of your gaming skills.

The PC version is described as a "demo build", the main game actually intended for PSN, Android and iOS. Which is odd. But free.

Even watching a little man run has exhausted me. I'm going back to bed, hopefully to emerge in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, here's a video:

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