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Devs Discombobulated Over Gaming Future

Develop are reporting that a survey of 80 British game development studios shows that developers really don't know what's going to happen to gaming. Develop spake: "a quarter (24%) believe the demand for console games will decline over the next year. As much as 42 per cent, meanwhile, believe that PC games are in regression," on the other hand it also shows "...32 per cent of UK developers expecting an increase in console games business, and 20 per cent expecting an increase for PC games." Conclusion? Confusion!

At least they're all certain about mobile and casual games, though: "Eighty-nine per cent believe said mobile games demand will climb, while 88 per cent claim the interest in casual games will continue to rise." Are they right, or are they just wildly ticking boxes on a questionnaire before getting back tot he business of actually making games? We may never care know.

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