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Diablo 4, Terra Invicta, and Lightyear Frontier headline the next wave of PC Game Pass additions

Microsoft confirm additions for late March and early April

Microsoft have confirmed the waves of games coming to Game Pass in late March and early April, headlined by the expected addition of Diablo IV. This is the first Activision Blizzard game coming to Game Pass since Microsoft's ridiculous $69 billion acquisition, with more due to follow. Beyond that, look forward to games including mech-riding farming game Lightyear Frontier and the colossal alien invasion strategy game from the XCOM Long War team, Terra Invicta.

Do see Microsoft's blog post for games coming to Game Pass on Xbox, but here's the PC games for us:

Lightyear Frontier - March 19, today (day one)

An early access farming game on an alien world, with mechs. "A satisfying daily loop turns into a speedy momentum in this open world farming game, but its early access release raises questions that need answers," said Jay Castello in our Lightyear Frontier early access review.

Evil West - March 21

A cowboy with wacky weapons fights vampires in the 2022 third-person studio from the studio behind Hard Reset and the modern Shadow Warrior games.

Terra Invicta - March 26

The studio behind famed XCOM mod Long War blow the idea of alien invasion up into a grand strategy game where you jostle with factions on Earth, industrialise the solar system, and go years not even knowing what an alien is. "Terra Invicta is a fascinating, astonishingly ambitious game that nothing else can really compare to," Sin Vega said in 2022 after playing the initial early access release. "But there is almost no chance I will ever have time for it all."

Diablo IV - March 28

The latest in Blizzard's click-click-click-click-clicking action-RPG series, released last June. I played a huge amount then one day just stopped playing and haven't felt the slightest temptation to return again. It's perfectly time-consuming but wholly forgettable, not hooking into my heart nor leaving lingering thoughts in my head. Alice Bee's Diablo IV review called it "a beautiful, frictionless grey toybox that puts nothing in the way of you playing it for hours and wondering what you've done with your life." A good one for Game Pass, then.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged - March 28

Wacky races with toy cars and loop-de-loops. I've heard this series is fun!

Open Roads - March 28 (day one)

A mother-daughter road trip coming from fragments of the studio behind Gone Home and Tacoma.

Ark: Survival Ascended - April 1

The remake of dinosaur-dodging craft-o-survival sandbox game Ark: Survival Evolved, launched into early access last September to a mixed reaction. The original still has more players on Steam than the remake. But it undeniably has dinosaurs.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete - April 2

Slow-motion first-person shooter Superhot went roguelikelike in 2020's semi-sequel. Same as ever, you're wildly outmanned and outgunned but can turn the tables through stylish violence as time slows to a crawl when you're not moving.

Alas, all flesh is grass. The following games are due to depart this virtual coil soon:

Leaving Game Pass March 31st

  • Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • Infinite Guitars

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