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Dicebreaker is a new tabletop gaming site from our corporate siblings

Passing ghosts here's the host, talk of nothing matters most

Have you ever looked at your computer table with its keyboard, mouse, monitor, gamepad, and mousemat and thought "These are some nice lumps of gaming plastic, but what if I had dozens more and they were tiny?" For you, reader dear, our corporate family at Gamer Network today formally launched Dicebreaker, a new site and YouTube channel dedicated to covering tables in slabs of cardboard, sheets of paper, dice, counters, and wee plastic people. Apparently they use these to play board games, RPGs, card games, and that? It's like they've never heard of Tabletop Simulator.

Led by editor-in-chief Matt Jarvis, the Dicebreaker gang includes Johnny Chiodini, Alex Meehan, Michael Whelan, Sara Elsam, and Alex Lolies. You might know some of them from other Gamer Network sites or around the Internet. They've been warming up for a few months with YouTube videos and event appearances, and now the launch is official.

They're planning news, reviews, interviews, play sessions, guides, and so on. Observe, for example, some top party games and a recent video:

I may have little experience with tabletop gaming but I do know a thing or two about tabletops. I'll be pitching them recurring columns about DIY table repairs and polish reviews. I have already decided to make a ha-ha-hilarious recurring joke of ragging on polish mascot Mr Sheen. Hey Dicebreaker, reply to my e-mails.

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